The following GPS activities were designed by Mrs. Tracy Trimpe and can be found at

GPS Hide & Seek
- Students use GPS receivers to mark hiding spots for "treasures" and challenge other teams to find them. The download includes a student worksheet and teacher information.
Student Worksheet - GPS Hide & Seek (pdf)

Mapping the Refuge- During this activity, students use GPS receivers to mark an observation spot at our local wildlife refuge and record data and observations to compare the seasonal changes in our area. The download includes a student worksheet and teacher information.
Student Worksheet - Mapping the Refuge (pdf)

GPS Logic Challenge - During this activity, students work in groups and use GPS receivers to locate various waypoints in our schoolyard. They gather clues at the waypoints that will help them solve a logic problem. This activity was developed with a math teacher at our school for use in her Problem Solving class.
Activity Worksheets - Teacher Information (pdf), Version 1Worksheets (pdf), Version 2 Worksheets (pdf), Challenge Clues (pdf), and Answer Key (pdf).

Mystery Bug Challenge - I use this activity at the end of our insect unit. Students must use the GPS receivers to find a set of 4 clues hidden around the schoolyard. The PDF download includes a student worksheet, starting clues for each round, and clue cards for the rounds. I also included a copy of a map that I use to keep track of the waypoints where the clues are hidden.

GeoTroopers - (**PDF Download**) - One of my Survivor Science activities requires students to use GPS receivers to find waypoints in our schoolyard to complete a challenge. There are a total of 7 challenges - each with four questions that must be answered at each waypoint. The four questions relate to tree identification, plant identification, insect classification, and ecology factoids. Students are provided with a tree identification book, an insect book, and a periodic table. They may also use their textbooks if they want to carry them around. You will need to print copies of the challenge cards as well as the ecology questions and insect pictures. The questions and pictures need to be placed in film canisters and hidden at the correct locations.
NOTE: If you don't have access to GPS receivers, you can place numbered flags (or other markers) around the schoolyard to match the waypoints listed on the challenge cards. See my GeoTroopers map for an example. Since this challenge will need to be tailored to your schoolyard, it is also available as a Microsoft Word document.
external image newred.gif Amazing GPS Race (**PDF Download**)- I developed this activity with
NOTE: The worksheets for Version 1 gives students the waypoint numbers, while Version 2 challenges students to solve a math problem to determine the waypoints they need to visit.

LESSON PLANS Science Observations and Inferences